Kiva Belt touch up


We found a loose Kiva belt for sale the other day, it was a steal at $40SGD so we HAD to get it. It was a little damage though so we touched up the paint but giving it a fresh coat of gold.

Looks awesome doesn’t it?


Travelers: Dimension Police first trailer

It’s Jasmine!

DekaYellow and Hurricane Blue in one movie VS each other?! Cool!

Looks quite nice in the typical tokusatsu-ish, japan action film way. I’m looking forward to it, are you?

So….Toy Sale!



Me wants them all!!!

Stupid toy sale, putting them on display only. What a tease. humph.

What do you <3 about Otaku guys?



So Goo Research recently did a poll with 1, 072 Japanese women to find out which Otaku qualities were attractive to them and here are the top five they chose:

1. Always Faithful
2. Knowledgeable of IT stuff
3. Down to earth and not flashy
4. Less likely to waste money on drinking, high brand or gambling
5. Potential to shine if gets polished 


Personally I think number 13,  “Able to show their world that others are not aware of” is a rather important trait to me.

Perhaps they should do a poll on the most popular/handsome Super Sentai guy…gosh that would be a hard one!


To see the full results of the poll, head over to Crunchyroll.

From Gorenger to Kyoryuger. Gabutyra’s got it down.

Someone hack a DX Gabutyra (poor Gabutyra) and found a way to make him recite all 37 Super Sentai team names.

Can you keep up with Gabutyra?!


It’s getting rough!


Video courtesy of PRSamuraiHD

So that’s how green likes it huh.

Deka, deka, dekaranger!!

Bandai Tamashii Nations have announced that they will be launching a Dekaranger wallpaper campaign along with their launch of their S.H.Figu Arts DekaYellow and DekaPink figurs!

These wallpapers come in three different sizes: 640 x 1136px and 640 x 960px for smartphones, 240 x 400px and 240 x 320px for other feature phones. Buyers of DekaYellow and DekaPink will be provided instructions on how to download the wallpapers through email. However, these are only available to people who pre-order the figures by March 7 , 11pm JST.

It’s really cool that these official wallpapers are being released but I’ve been using screen grabs on my phone that work just as good, so I’m not quite seeing the bonus here. But still, I’m quite excited to see the release of DekaYellow and DekaPink. Apart from AkibaYellow and AkibaBlue, I’ve seldom seen other female rangers get released in S.H.Figu Arts form. I think the last one I saw was GokaiPink.

Still, as a BIG fan of Dekaranger, this is quite awesome. XD
Source: Orends Range

Knight Cosplay Progress

Progress and then some…


So we did a bit more work over the weekend on my Kamen Rider Knight costume and completed the chest piece and made some changes to the visor. Next up will be the back and arm/leg pieces. Once those are done, we’ll get to make the vizor. We haven’t quite decided if we want to make the bat yet, but we’ll see.


(Yes, we. Because this is a team effort after all.)



Super Hero Taisen Z

 Wizard, Gokai Silver and Beast VS Sharivan?

Apparently this is a screen grab from this year’s crossover film  “Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z”.  It’s directed by Kamen Rider Fourze’s Osamu Kaneda and the screenplay is written by Kamen Rider Kabuto writer Shoji Yonemura. 

As usual of the massive Tokusatsu crossover film series, expect to see characters old, new and from different “worlds” (hint hint: they’ve got Dekarangers and FLASHMAN!).



I’m super, ultra excited because they not only have one of my favorite teams, Dekarangers, but also have SUPER 1! My ULTIMATE, MOST FAVORITE, MOST AWSOME KAMEN RIDER!!

“Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z”premieres on April 27.

My bet is on Sharivan, what about you?

Source: JEfusion

Work in Progress

Moe Kamen Rider Knight!!


Here’s a work in progress photo of my Moe Kamen Rider Knight costume. It’s just the helmet but we’ll finish the rest soon! Super excited!!